Sophomore Slump?Sophomore Slump?

intresting that most mmo companies cannot do better then their 1st success.

soe – never had more subs then everquest.closest came swg but never able to beat it

cryptic – CoH .CO and STO never  made it to that level

ncsoft- terms of subs nothing beat L1 at its prime even L2 .guild wars probably sold more copies but does not use subs .

blizzard.only 1 mmo which ofc is WoW but do we really believe they will ever beat wow subs.i highly doubt it

mythic – DAoC.WAR never got to its level despite inital sales it certainly has not got the raves DAoC .

square einx – FF XI .certainly FF XIV as we know never came close
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funcom- ok here is a grey area on which one is more successful .AO or sales i think conan for sure but will it be able to  hold the same subs when it gets as old as AO.doubtful but only time will tell.

exceptions to the rule  for me so far would be turbine  with LOTRO doing better then AC1.

ofc there are many mmo companies that have only done 1 mmo like eve, are not counted even though i mentioned wow . 

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