The first rule about Pre-E3The first rule about Pre-E3


Last week was Pre-E3, also known as “Judges Week” or “why are we doing this when we should be getting ready for Real E3 week.” The idea is that game companies gather in the LA area to show a preview of their E3 demos, give a little speech about how awesome their games are, and plant seeds in the minds of the folks who vote on the E3 awards (Best PC Game, Best Action game, and so on.) And this is why the event is sometimes referred to as Judges Week.

I teamed up with Sam Kim, our producer and reigning office champion Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator, to write a fifteen-minute presentation on TERA explaining why it’s cool and what the press is going to see tucked away in our booth at E3. The goal is to provide a tease of our demo without giving too much away, and introduce TERA to members of the media who may have heard of us but haven’t seen one of our demos yet. So of course we hit on our action combat system and our massive (and immersive) world, and showed just enough of the game that they’d want to come back for more.

The process of putting together our presentation began with Sam and me locked in a conference room with nothing but a sheet of paper, a pencil, and the above rough outline of our goals. Our instructions were “make it extreme, a little in your face, and memorable!” So we started off with this TERA rap:
*Jason beatboxes*
Sam: Let’s get MMO action,
Without no factions.
No tab, no target, no dice, all skill.
Advanced enchanting requires extraction!
*more beatboxing*
Luckily, the team caught an early preview and soon put us back on track. We emerged a few days later with a script and did a few run-throughs with our Creative Services team, who made us a video to play behind us. Then the rehearsing began. 

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