Jedi Consular Beta ImpressionsJedi Consular Beta Impressions


Today marks a big turning point for Star Wars: The Old Republic with a partial lift of the embargo for members of the press and we here at have a full slate of articles covering the Republic side and levels 1-15 today.’s Chris Higgins took the Jedi Consular for a spin and has thoughts to share about his experiences. Read on and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

I will not go into details and spoil the story but from the moment you login you feel as if you are playing a Star Wars movie. The quests and dialog you see are unique to the Consular class. From your first interaction with NPCs it feels like the fate of the universe hinges on the success of your character. Much like Luke in “A New Hope” you know this character is important but you are not sure how or why
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