Incursion 1.6.1 PatchIncursion 1.6.1 Patch

EVE Online has released the patch notes for the latest patch to hit the game, Incursion 1.6.1. It’s recommended that if you’ve been experiencing difficulties using the autopilot, or if you’ve been experiencing client crashes, to install the new patch. You can check out the patch notes.
Graphics General

* Spotlights were reversed in two Amarr stations. This has been fixed, and Jamyl Sarum is now ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille.
* Territorial claim unit had reversed light animation in the preview window. This is fixed.
* A mathematical error in the culling system caused issues in the longitude “seam” of a planet. This would cause planetary installations to disappear from planet overview. This has now been fixed.
* An error in the “Left to Right Handed” conversion of EVE Online was causing billboards to appear on the wrong side of stargates. This has now been fixed 

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