Guild Wars 2 : A Treat, or a Trick?Guild Wars 2 : A Treat, or a Trick?


Now that Halloween is near upon us, ArenaNet has pulled out all the tricks and treats for players in Guild Wars 2. We’ve got a nifty preview and a few thoughts to share about the Mad King. See what you think and then leave your ideas in the comments.
The first thing a player would always notice in the original game would be the decorations.  It was always fun to see ghosts and candy corn monsters running around town, causing all sorts of mischief.  Pumpkins, candles, cauldrons and other decorations would litter a town, giving you the Halloween feel.  Guild Wars 2 does the same thing, but really sells it.  Candles float, Quagans run around in costumes, bats hand upside down watching as you walk beneath them.  The best part is the change to the mystic forge, switching it to look like a giant cauldron. The effect is just what the event needs to tie the visuals together.

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