In the battle of the two big MMOFPS titles coming our way soon, Firefall is the one that has a great focus on cooperative PvE experience more than it does PvP. In our latest Firefall column, we take a look at this aspect of the game and offer a few thoughts. Check it out!

I enjoy my time in both PS2 and Firefall, but one easily draws me back more often than the other… and it’s not the revered sequel.  Firefall’s mix of “when you want to PVP” and open world exploration-based PVE are much more up my alley.  One day, if we’re lucky, Mark Kern and friends will add in some sort of open-world PVP option and I’ll never play another shooter.  But for now, I find that my tastes are far more suited to the occasional competitive FPS than the full-on always dog-eat-dog FPS that is Planetside 2.  You can call me a carebear, and I might very well be one at times, but I like MMOs that mix the competitive side of things with the cooperative and that’s what Firefall does when Planetside 2 doesn’t.

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