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In Guild Wars 2, your actions really matter and your choices have an impact on the world around you. Instead of static, boring quests in an unchanging world, our dynamic event system creates a living, breathing world that bustles with energy and responds to player actions.

Dynamic events change and evolve in response to how you interact with them, leaving lasting effects in the game world. If you save that village from ogres, they may return with siege weapons to counter attack or regroup in nearby caves. You can prevent bandits from destroying a town’s water supply or you can defend the workers who repair the damaged pumps. As in real life, every action has a consequence—intended or not.

We created dynamic events to encourage casual group play and cooperation between players. They are designed to scale in difficulty depending on how many players interact with them.

Plus, you won’t be penalized for teaming up with your fellow players to take on a pack of savage grawl or a rampaging drake broodmother—you’ll receive just as much experience as everyone else who participated. This creates an atmosphere where players naturally cooperate instead of competing with one another. The more the merrier!


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