New World Quick Start Tips

These tips are for rushing lvl 19- 20 and azoth staff as quickly as possible. If you prefer to just level up rather than complete the main story, you can take more quests as you go through the game.


  • Skip tutorial from the menu, or rush to the shielded enemy if you want 1x mastery point for sword
  • Collect 5 flint and bushes, craft one of each flint tool at the campfire
  • If you can ‘die’ or drown to respawn back at the campfire, you can save a bit of time (widely applicable)


  • Ensure you have the following resources before reaching town (can also do this during the truffles quest)
    • 40 stone
    • 24 rawhide
    • 1 flint
    • 45 wood
    • (optional 90 iron ore to make full iron tools, to supplement what you receive during the story
  • Take all 3 faction missions and complete the closest one. After you take the next main story quest, you can complete other faction missions if they are en route
  • Level harvesting towards 30 as you travel.
  • Mine iron if you see it, you need 10 mining levels to mine 20 silver (5 bars for the quest)
  • Gather herbs if you see them so you can craft health pots in town (1 hyssop, 1 water each)
  • Equip 2nd weapon as soon as you reach level 5 so you can animation cancel rolls to travel faster. Wear “light’ gear.
  • Grab journal/lore pages as you go, they give decent exp early on
  • Take town board quests if you want, but don’t go out of your way to complete them yet
  • Milk the cow (not possible in Everfall), and make light rations to maintain your food buff
  • If you are solo, try to party with other players at the wolf den to share kills


  • Always pick up all available quests and faction quests in the town you’re in. You don’t have to complete them immediately but if the main story sends you towards them, you can do both at once to save travel time.
  • If your main priority is leveling fast, you can spend your territory standing points on exp bonuses in Everfall and Windward
  • Completing the majority of side quests and main quests up to the Amrine Expedition step will get you to around level 20. The expedition is doable at this level, but it will be hard unless you have good team composition. A dedicated healer and tank are recommended in addition to DPS
  • Stack Amrine Expedition related quests for a big exp dump on completion
  • Obtain 6 petalcap and 6 rivercress once you reach 30 harvesting. Create 3 corruption potions and retain 3 of each raw material, as this will save travel time later on.
  • If you didn’t start in Everfall, travel there on your way to the main story quest location to unlock it as a fast travel point. Unlock other nearby fast travel points as you go
  • Faction gear is the best way of getting solid gear in the early game, so complete faction quests if they are ‘on the way’ to your other quest objectives.
  • Elite Zones and PvP are the quickest ways to gain weapon mastery. You can buy New World gold with real world money to gain weapon mastery too
  • Corrupted portals (once you have the azoth staff) are the quickest for farming azoth


  • Levels 20 to 24 will go fairly slowly in the starting zones, so take all the quests you can and supplement these with town board missions. Although you can progress the main story before 24, it’s better to wait until 24 so you can pick up more quests in the Brightwood area (and progress faster)

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