Wow Mobile Armory Hack Shuts Down Auction House

This alleged mobile armory hack was discovered a few days ago when a forum post went

up asking how 200K gold escaped a user’s account. The US user in question had three

unauthorized auction house purchases for “white” (useless) quality items that

would normally be sold to a vendor for a few copper coins. Commenters made guesses

as to what the user could have done wrong to allow something like that to happen.

Did they attach an authenticator to their account? Did they have a good password?

Perhaps there was malware on their computer or phone?

In what people are calling a mobile armory hack, World of Warcraft Mobile Armory

users have literally watched as thousands of gold are swept away from them. They

watched it happen on their own phones. The Blizzard team has taken action by

shutting it all down. Here’s a tweet from Blizzard Customer Service that went out

this morning:
Monk Class
Greetings everyone. The Mobile Auction House will be unavailable until further

notice. No ETA as of yet. We’ll provide updates when we can.

The silver lining in this potential (alleged, supposed, rumored) mobile armory hack

is the track record that Blizzard has when this kind of thing happens. Once the dust

has settled and the software recoded, we will get an explanation of what happened

and people will get their gold back… and they will get to keep those level 1 axes.

Then reports came in of the same thing happening to others. UK users seemed to be

affected too. There was one thing everyone seemed to have in common: They all used

the mobile armory. This might be a huge coincidence as the armory app is free and

widely used, even if it just for trolling guild chat or showing your family your

awesome mog set. However the auction house is a very important tool used by all

kinds of players. Going through the forum comments, it looks like there were people

who actually watched on their phones as purchases were made on the auction house

from their account.

There is nothing conclusive stated from Blizzard that this is indeed a mobile armory

hack, but the evidence does point in that direction. At first it seemed that only a

few realms would see the mobile auction house shut down. Then, Bliz posted on their

Breaking News site that mobile auction house was down for emergency maintenance.

Now, it looks like it will be down for a prolonged period.

If it is indeed a mobile armory hack, what else can be done from the armory? Well,

everything you have that isn’t bound to your character could be sold, but that

doesn’t put all that much gold into potential gold sellers hands unless they hit

the jackpot with someone who hordes expensive items. Also, auctioning takes time

(minimum 12 hours) that hackers don’t have. They need to grab all the gold they can

before getting caught. The more likely situation is the continued purchasing of

cheap items for exorbitant amounts of your gold.

I’ll leave you with this: When I use the mobile armory auction house, it requires

me to automatically include an authenticator number. If someone has access to our

mobile armory, then do they potentially have access to our authenticators too? 

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