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When I read the news about the monk, I knew I had to try out the class but I needed

guidance. For the longest time, I used guides published by KillerGuides. These guys

are the gods of WoW guides. Before the launch of the game, KG had already published

guides on their website which can be located here. I bought both guides, MoP strategy

and monk guides for $29.99 USD a piece. Like all of their guides, their guides are in

an e-book format which can easily be stored on your hard drive.

I’ve been an avid gamer for over five years now and there’s nothing I enjoy more

than participating in online games. They’re fun, dynamic and you can always make new

friends online! My current niche is World of Warcraft! I started playing WoW since

the launch of the Burning Crusade since I wanted to know what all this hype was

about. Needless to say, the game never lost its touch in giving me new challenges to

face. When I heard about Mists of Pandaria expansion, I couldn’t stop following the

news! Seeing that in this expansion, Blizzard went ahead and changed all the classes,

particularly Death Knight to accommodate the changes and new skill and ability

mechanics. I was excited at the announcement of the new class, the Monk class.
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Since KillerGuides is now updating their old WoW guides, I’m going to invest in the

All Access Pass which is a lifetime membership with the company. The complete bundle

package includes 200+ guides from the entire KillerGuides library. This is a

worthwhile purchase IMO and plus the great thing about KillerGuides are their free

updates! Whenever a new guide is updated, you receive a notification via their

newsletter. I really think this is a great way to up your game and learn about the

other classes 🙂

Undoubtedly, this has been one of the the most solid guides I have ever come across!

Featuring a strong build section and a copious amount of leveling know-how, I can

definitely say this purchase was well worth it! I see a gradual change in the way I

game was quite impressive! If you were like me struggle to build a strong talent

and/or apply a strong rotation, this guide is definitely for you! Written by a pro

gamer with years of WoW experience, their recommendations were spot on! Want to up

your game now? Then get this WoW Monk advanced handbook. Looking for more than monk

strategies? Don’t miss out on this unofficial Pandaria secrets book!

KillerGuides Pandaria and Monk Guides
Wicked covers, eh? I was interested in the monk class book and without hesitation I

went ahead and skimmed through the guide. I’ll start with this: niiiiiiice! First

off, I liked the layout of the guide; they were laid out in two readable columns and

was written in full on, grammatically correct English. Secondly, the contents of the

guide. From the get go, I could see the guide was written by a professional WoW

veteran because he mentions the changes between Cataclysm and Pandaria in thorough

detail. In addition to that the author went into detail about how to properly use the

monk by following his recommendations. What I enjoyed reading and referencing was his

skill rotations for each of the three builds: Mistweaver, Windwalker and Brewmaster.

Since I’m a tanking Pandaren monk, I have my Brewmaster equipped.

Technically at the beginning I was quite clueless what to do with all these skills

and abilities however, with proper instruction and guidance, a light bulb went off in

my head; everything became easier to understand once I read through the author’s

explanation how this particular talent build can help me. Testing out the

recommendation, I headed off to a secluded place in Pandaria with a buddy of mine to

do some slaying. I was surprised to see the results; I was leveling up fast and

efficiently within the hour plus, my gold surplus doubled! Awesome! You have to try

it for yourselves by using the books to help you create an indestructible monk for

World of Warcraft. It’s really hard to tell you how the guide works wonders, even

for casual players like myself. You really gotta try it out! 

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