WOW Poll: How Do You Like the Scenario in WoW

Since the September of last year, scenarios have been added to the Mist of Pandaria. No matter you like it or not, the scenarios have become a very important part. In the new patch 5.3 which is about to come in the near future, four new scenarios will be added. The Battle on the High Seas, the Blood in the snow, the Dark Heart of Pandaria and the Secrets of Ragefire.
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The scenarios are not independent parts of the game, it is linked to the storyline of the game closely. It helps to complement and push forward the development of the story. With the scenarios, you would feel the background of the game is more coherent and clear. It is boring and meaningless just to accept and complete the quests without knowing your aim. Knowing better about the background can let you be more involved in game.

You can get rewards much easier in the scenarios as well. Many players give the feedback that it is easy to complete the quests in the scenarios. You can not only get better loot of the wow items, but also the courage points. These rewards are of vital importance to help you level up your gears and save the wow gold. Shorter time with more profit, could there be any other better choices than playing in the scenarios?

We have to admit it that it is not so interesting to play in the scenario. As it is not so challenging, or we can even say it is kind of boring, many of our players choose to quit playing it again after they have tried for once.

What do you think of the Scenarios of the World of Warcraft? Do they worth your time?


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