world of warcraft The Observer and the observed Guide

Thus, that is exactly what Algalon chose to do. He hasn’t left the world of Azeroth, nor has he perished. Instead, Algalon watches the world and the creatures upon it, trying desperately to divine what sort of strange malfunction caused the mortals of Azeroth to turn into creatures with the strength to face him and change a destiny that was nigh irrevocable. These mortals, their passion, their strength, their odd penchant for violence starkly opposed in direct contrast to their keen wish for peace — all of these things are now being carefully observed.
In a way, as we continue on with our strange destiny, whatever that may be, the mortals of Azeroth are slowly working the training wheels free. In The Burning Crusade, we restored the Sunwell and stopped Kil’jaeden from encroaching upon the world. In Wrath, we found ourselves helping those that were supposed to keep the world safe and orderly by freeing the corrupted Watchers of Ulduar. In Cataclysm, we put an end to Deathwing and assured the safety of our world in such a way that the Aspects themselves stepped down. On top of that, we successfully shut down the re-origination device in Uldum, saving our world from destruction yet again.

We are a continued force to be reckoned with. And in all the calculations Algalon has processed over aeons, we are one calculation he simply cannot compute.

Perhaps it is your imperfection, that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans’ own perfect creations have failed.

Algalon is astonished by the mortal races of Azeroth because despite the death of one who was meant to keep an Old God imprisoned, we persevered. And when the Titans’ own creations failed to keep themselves free of corruption, we stepped up and freed them ourselves. And when the Titan-created Aspects were driven to madness, we stepped up to take them out. That puts us in a very strange place, in Algalon’s opinion, a place where the tiny mortal natives of a tiny planet are suddenly stronger than what the Titans can create.

That makes us two things: fascinating and dangerous. It is likely for both of these reasons that Algalon chose to stay and observe. Our actions and reasoning are a delightful puzzle to the Observer, but in that puzzle is what could be a potential ally to the Titans or a potential threat. Until then, Algalon will continue to observe, taking no sides and staying out of any conflict. After all, emotion might compromise his programming — and then where would the universe be? 

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