Wow Best classes/races farming

It’s a no brainer classes that don’t need to dismount or have some sort of pet that will fight the mob while you mine or collect herb in world of warcraft are the best races ad classes. You should always get mining/herbalism professions on your alt and NOT on your main. Simply because neither of these professions give great bonus to your armor. Altho some may disagree because living seed sometimes can be quiet handy and extra armor is good for tank (bonus you get from mining) still getting a 3 sockets as bonus or being able to craft 3 gems that have 17 more spell power per gem than a regular gem still outweighs the bonus.

Why a night elf druid? Because they have a shadowmeld (a racial ability).  What it does if you accidentally agro a near by mob or npc then you can move away and immediately drop agro (go invisible) and the mob will return to it’s original place and you will be combat free!

I find it very handy especially if you are picking flowers or mining in World of Warcraft during pick hours.

My son asked me to make a worgen he just has an obsession with them and I listened to him and created one.  And it was not one of my smart decisions to listen to my 9-year-old. I don’t feel like paying $25 to do a race change.

I also love druids for farming because of stealth ability. When Cataclysm was released and my husband was a casual player, he’d fly to Twilight Highlands, go inside the cave in stealth form and would farm 5-6 stacks of ore easily. Now, sometimes there was competition with rogues but not as much competition as it was when he tried to fly around and when he’d land, there’d be 5-6 people trying to mine same node. It was just ridiculous.

Why druids are best class for herbalism? They don’t even need to dismount to pick the damn herb! Just fly around and pick as you go. Also if you are going to make your alt your primary herbalism picker, I suggest investing gold and buying 310% mount speed! It’s a must! For some reason I thought I had maximum flying speed until I flew to Uldum where I saw 2-3 players just passing me by with ease as they flew by my side…I was wondering how they did it…I was in lvl 23 guild…everything seemed right till I realized that my mount speed was 280 and NOT 310 

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