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Fun sales might look like they are not worth the time or effort. But you never know just who is sitting on the other side and who they know who might flood you with gold, and gratitude.
To me these are WOW Items that I’m not going to make a lot of profit off monetarily. But I will profit my fellow player in knowing that they have something they can enjoy. I’ve found many hats on my travels and have sent many of them to my friend. Others have requested rocks and gray item level gear. Things that normally would be vendored for a few gold that make other players happy.

Everyone has their strange quirks when it comes to life. Some like pizza with no sauce, others like pancakes with peanut butter (I’ve dated girls who did this). Others do not like animated movies (blasphemy) etc. Individuality makes us special and not the carbon copy of others.

In the world of sales it is no different. Each person has likes and dislikes. Having played for over 6 years in the land of Azeroth I have run into many different characters. One of my closest friends likes to collect hats. Especially pirate hats. There are few in the game including one that requires exalted reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. Their goal is to have every hat in the game.

Once you reach a certain level in your sales, you have much more freedom to be a little bit more quirky. Because not every connection you make with someone will be based on how much you can get gold from them. Interestingly enough where I did not intend to make a lot of gold with this person, they connected me with five other people who were looking for wow items and willing to pay lots of gold for them. That indirect gold from my ‘fun sale’ added more to my coffers than if I would have just fleeced my friend who their last dime. 

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