WOW Achievement

A gamer playing on World of Warcraft servers in Taiwan has earned all 986 of the game’s achievements, reports MMO Champion.
That means the player, a level 80 Tauren Druid named 小灰 (“little ash”), has conquered every dungeon, explored every corner of the game world, maxed out every profession skill and turned in a fair share of the game’s quests including all the seasonal tasks that pop up during special holiday events like the Midsummer Festival and Hallow’s End.

The player’s total doesn’t count feats of strength, the achievements that were retroactively rewarded for accomplishments before the expansion Wrath of the Lich King was released in 2008. Many of these particular achievements are now impossible to earn.

So while this guy may have meticulously worked his way through nearly all the content in World of Warcraft, he didn’t play the game back in the day. So he’ll never nab the achievement my Night Elf Hunter grabbed for earning the lowly rank of Sergeant Major in PvP battles way back when. Noob. 

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