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RuneScape 3 goes live

This ain’t your slightly-older-brother’s RuneScape, folks; RuneScape 3 is hip, happening, and live right now. The latest iteration of Jagex’s browser behemoth is now available to play, and it looks better than ever.

RuneScape 3 isn’t just about a graphical overhaul, although it would be sad to dismiss its visual improvements. The new version includes a customizable interface, six hours of new music, and lots of technical improvements.

Jagex is kicking off RuneScape 3 with the Battle of Lumbridge and the Sixth Age, so get in and start kicking butt from minute one! This event will take place over the span of two months, during which players can ally with a faction and collect divine tears to contribute to their side’s ranking. The studio recommends that players experience it with the Java client and not the still-in-testing HTML5 version.

The team’s also posted a comprehensive FAQ if you have any specific questions about the changes.


Honestly, I think RS3 (or at least the Battle of Lumbridge event) is just what I needed and was waiting for. I got so tired of procrastinating on finishing quests, grinding skills, and blowing all my spins on the Promotion of the Week that I finally crashed and moved on to other games. Now, I may be hooked all over again.


Well, looks like I might give the game another try.

…I’ve lost count of how many times I poke back into the game here and there, lol.  Though my old account is basically unplayable due to his bank being stuffed with Members items which forces me to subscribe if I want to continue on with him…  :/

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