WOW:So what’s in WoW’s item store?

Yep, still the worst visuals ever

The World of Warcraft item store is a thing now, of course, but what exactly can one purchase in said store? Blizzard answers that question with a new dev blog that mentions pets, cosmetic odds and ends, and even a seesaw. There’s also an Iron Hitching Post that allows you and up to 24 of your friends to charge into raids, battlegrounds, or even small party content on a “unified front of ghost horses.”

Blizzard declines to offer any sort of release date for these items other than to say that players can expect to see them in the “near future.”  Do you want to learn more about wow power leveling support ?



After seeing what their parent company, Vivendi is trying to do to them, it makes sense they are trying to pull this.  Kinda sad, but also hilarious.
“One possible scenario would have Vivendi forcing Activision to borrow around $5 billion dollars. The publisher already has around $4 billion on hand. Vivendi would then, in this scenario, force Activision to pay out a one-time dividend of $8.5 billion, which would leave the game maker with $500 million to make games and inject $5.2 billion of cash directly into Vivendi’s balance sheet.”


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