Nice Guy Award: Player gives away two 50,000g mounts

Nice Guy Award Player gives away two 50,000g mounts

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Over on Reddit’s /r/wow this morning there was a great post by a priest named Clearly_Unimpressed about a recent time he responded to a question in trade chat: “What would you do with 200,000g?” He replied that he’d buy a Vial of the Sands — the Cataclysm archaeology item that gives you the Sandstone Drake mount.

So what happens?

The guy asking the question in chat finds Clearly_Unimpressed and opens a trade window with him, handing over the Vial. Clearly_Unimpressed was actually quite impressed, thanked the generous fellow for his gift, and mentioned that he wanted to give it to his friend who always desired one.

The trade chat champion would have none of that. He scooted off to auction house and returned to Clearly_Unimpressed, giving him another Vial so he and his friend could have matching mounts.

Too often we hear only about the bad people, the annoying things, the changes we don’t like, etc… Hopefully today we can all take a minute and remember that there are a ton of great people in this community, like this trade chat hero.

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