Final Fantasy XIV’S 1.0 characters into beta

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Returning players who log into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta phase four will be given the option to import their version 1.0 characters for the first time since the game went offline in November 2012. The Lodestone reports that players will not only see their old characters once more, but also any items that they had on them at the time of the apocalypse. Players will have a one-time opportunity to alter that character’s look, gender, race, and name, and these changes will carry over to live.

Square-Enix is also handing out the legacy chocobo whistles with phase 4 for those that earned them through the legacy campaign. This will add a special mount to your character’s stable.

And if you’ve never played an MMO before and need a beginner’s guide to partying up for dungeon runs, check out the following video (protip: Tell everyone you’re a noob!).


50 Final Fantasy XIVS 1.0 characters into betaOwenAllen

Almost every mmo launches with no more social tools than an ignore list and a invite only chat room, also known as a guild. That’s it. Why can’t I rate other players? Why can’t I see meaningful metrics on those players? Gaming communities are far past the size where can manage them with small town rules (everyone knows everyone). Don’t tell me the system would just be abused, there are many ways to create reasonable rating systems which are difficult to abuse.

People become civil when there are meaningful repercussions to be being uncivil. If I can see the number of times a player leaves before a dungeon is over, then that might impact my decision to invite them to my party. In addition, it might impact that players decision to leave early knowing that future group leaders will judge him on that behavior.

Managing communities and creating civil environments is so much more than crossing your fingers and telling players to “play nice”, it means creating systems which provide benefit to players who do treat others with respect and punish those who do not.

50 Final Fantasy XIVS 1.0 characters into betaomedon666

To repeat what I said in response to Final Fantasy. net’s follow-up to this movie that followed much the same positive vibe:

Honestly, all of this is well and good to suggest, when it comes to the social common sense of party play in any MMORPG, but SE will still need to be on top of developing their game to protect players from our own worst sides and baddest apples, because it’s 2013, it’s the internet, and the duty finder means that blacklists and reputation are pretty much impotent and moot.

For example: giving tanks the tools to hold agro even with uncommunicative and uncooperative DPS in the party is crucial.

At the end of the day, you can lead players to content, but you can’t make them talk to each other. SE can lay out all the friendly pie-in-the-sky reminders of etiquette they like, but what will make or break the duty finder experience is protective development designed to automatically cut down on the damage done by the most brutal, un-nerfable monster in any MMORPG: The jaded internet gaming community of 2013.

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