Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm: Gear Score Caller

Weighed in on the Final Fantasy XIV community team has been on the official website, allowing the player to know the contents of the lock gear will soon pass a forum for discussion.

Development team is aware, there are times when you can not participate in the content so easy, do not worry, I want to let you know the future, we have plans to solve this problem countermeasures.

Significantly reduce maintenance costs and the cost of dark matter
The focus will be on a high level, we will repair and dark matter significantly reduces the cost of the overall cost.

In addition, the level of senior project participation requirements dungeon
We will add a requirement to participate in high-level dungeons and difficult to model the original fight, which will make it so you need to have a project with the participation of a top level of equipment. To cope with this, we will implement a system that will display the character window for your equipment, the average item level.Here to supply Buy FFXIV Powerleveling

In addition, the party’s recruitment window
We will achieve a bulletin board type of system, where you can recruit members, only in your world. Recruitment, you can instruct the dungeon, you want to do, your character is looking recruitment, level, etc. (We will soon announce the details.)

We will solve tomorrow maintenance after the first 1, # 2 and # 32.1 patch before implementation.

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