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Because the basic premise of merchanting really requires you to be able to stock up on items and when your money is invested in items you can’t take advantage of other good offers that might be going on, and often some items take awhile to sell, especially if you are looking for a good price and this means that your money will be tied up in these items for quite awhile and if you money is tied up that means that you ability to merchant is effective no existent. That said a good merchant really tried to merchant items that they can buy and sell quickly so that they don’t get caught in this very trap. You never know when a good deal is going to pop up out of the blue. You will be making lots of trades and a calculator also helps for quickly working out prices. When you focus on one or two industries you can build a lot more contacts in terms of buyers and sellers and you will be able to move your products faster and in higher quantities and you will make more money.

You should know the high and low prices of items your trade in; stick to them, if people really want to sell or buy they will buy or sell at your price. Now it is one thing to buy low and sell high but good deals are not always going to come your way and where you can make the real money is setting up somewhat of a Runescape business, and by this I mean rather than making one off trades with other Runescape Powerleveling players you should attempt to setup ongoing supply of items at the cheap prices and then you should try and build contacts with people that looking to permanently buy larger quantities of these materials. In order to satisfy your game need, our shop has Cheapest Runescape Gold reserves anytime. So essentially what you do is start building relationships with the players that are willing to supply you raw materials for cheap prices whilst building relationships with permanent buyers. So keep in contact with your buyers and sellers, this way you can continue to make money from people that you know rather than having to seek out new deals all the time.

Then with time you will build your list of contacts and names, and these become your business contacts. You should also probably keep a list of contacts that written down in a notepad as well for different buyers and sellers for different items so that you can continue to build this list of contacts and remember who buys what and at how much for so when you run out of friend spaces in Runescape you can continue to add new contacts to your business contacts list. You should keep this list in a safe place as well and try to keep it up to date and accurate because at the end of the day this will soon become an extremely valuable list of contacts, something you definitely don’t want to lose or slip into the wrong hands either. Anyway that is my brief but free Runescape money making guide on how to become a Runescape merchant I hope you enjoyed it.

OK I figured that since there are already quite a few Runescape money making guides out there that are charging people to read essentially what should I feel should be free knowledge to Runescape players I felt I should write a quick, easy and free Runescape money making guide after I read one of the money making guides that people are actually charging for the other day. Essentially you buy low and you sell high, buy in small quantities and sell in high quantities. We can supply Runescape Gold to help you save money. Well in a nutshell the reason you can charge a higher price for items in large quantities assuming there is demand for large quantities of that item is because there are people out there that would prefer to pay a bit extra for Runescape items rather than waste what can be hours looking for loads of different sellers of the item. So essentially you are making your money because you’re providing people the convenience of selling in bulk.

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