Runecrafting highly useful skill

Runecrafting is also a highly useful skill, especially if you cast tons of spells and as runes are expensive in large amounts I highly recommend you train for this skill. Before you can start you will have to complete the Rune Mysteries Quest. After you finish the quest the head wizard in the wizard’s tower will give you an air talisman which is required to start runecrafting.

I highly recommend you to train magic. This skill allows you to cast fiery powerful combat spells at your enemies, teleport quickly to the main cities and towns of Runescape, turn other items that you have into gold, charge obelisks to make battlestaffes etc. But doing all this costs money because you need to buy lots of runes to cast the spells.

At the same time, you also need to get as more runescape gold as you can, but how to get it at a low level? Several good ways to make money for low levels is to kill cows for cowhides and sell them at the Grand Exchange for around 200 coins each. Another way is to kill chickens for feathers and sell them for 14-16 coins each. Chickens drop up to 15 feathers per kill.

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When you come out of Explorer Jack’s house you should be able to see a building with dummies in it which you can hit for combat training. Talk to the melee instructor and get a free training sword and shield. Go to the nearby general store and get all the free stuff there including the bronze dagger.

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