RS3 Death of Chivalry Quest

Fights are indispensable for completing the quest and there are tough choices to make when you are proceeding in the quest. Assure you made wise choices as they must have influences on far and wide in the path of the quest.

The Death of Chivalry – Storyline
The Death of Chivalry quest line features one of RuneScape’s crucial figures, Sir Owen. Sent on a mission to track down and recover a powerful artifact, Sir Owen will team up you guys to accomplish the tough task. You will disguise yourselves as Captain Dulcin and collaborate Owen posing as you prisoner in order for the sake of infiltrating the very heart of the Kinshra organization where you and Owen to finish the quest.

Take Part in The Death of Chivalry
To start The Death of Chivalry quest, the primary thing you need to do is to come up to Sir Owen. You are able to find him in the back garden of Edgeville Monastery where is a major focal point for the worship of the Saradomin. Comprising of a large two-storey stone building and associated grounds, the monastery is the home of a chapter of monks dedicated to the Saradominist principles.
Speak to Owen; he will be your lead to get in The Death of Chivalry quest.

The Death of Chivalry – Tips
There is no limitation of levels of gamers who are able to participate in the quest, which means no matter you are free player or a member of Runescape you can enjoy the quest. But combat will scale to your level, so you must equip your best combat gear when you get the chance to do so. Well, take it easy. You are allowed to access your bank before you start combating. So you don’t need to worry you get no chance to change a better gear for the battle.

Rich Loot of The Death of Chivalry
You absolutely will gain fabulous rewards for working with Sir Owen to complete the quest, such as Owen’s shield, a set of Kinshra ceremonial armour, a selection of chivalrous titles, and some excellent post-quest rewards.

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Jagex wasted no time to unleash the first quest named The Death of Chivalry for RuneScape 3 as well as a celebration for the 6th age of Gielinor having dawned.

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