Elder Scrolls Online’s character creation improves on Skyrim

ZeniMax Online Studios and sister firm Bethesda Softworks are teasing some robust new tools in ESO’s character-building engine, showing how the developers have overhauled the entire system to let players drastically tweak their heroes’ faces, bodies, and features.
Many people credit The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as one of the best role-playing games in its genre, but, arguably, its character-creation system could have more options.
The variety appears far deeper than Skyrim’s offering, where characters’ bodies were generally the same size and shape regardless of species, gender, and skin color.
By far, the biggest change is in characters’ bodies. Skyrim simply allows players to adjust a character’s weight just a few notches, which can only make the uniformly skinny characters slightly more broad.
ESO improves on that by letting you tweak body types (thin, large, muscular), body markings, height, torso size, chest size, gut size, waist size, arm size, hand size, hip size, posterior dimensions, leg size, and foot size. Every single one of those is a brand new option.
“For the body, we wanted players to really define their physique. So, you can create Cheap FFXIV Gil an overweight character or a skinny character; you can adjust the height no matter what race you are,” explains art director Jared Carr in a video from ZeniMax Online that details the system .
These updates make sense. The Elder Scrolls Online is primarily a third-person-perspective adventure, so gamers will be far more aware of their warriors’ looks.
The Elder Scrolls Online should hit Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One near the end of this year, and then, we can all fuss over our hairstyles together.

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