How to quickly upgrade the RS Mining + Smithing skill level

RS gold
RS gold

When you can not hurry to go smelt mith mith mines to dig, dig iron and coal continue to fight the synthesis of steel bar and steel plate body and sell them or use the Magic turned it into money (250 steel plate body with Level Magic 21 can be replaced with 200k, Level 55 of Magic can be replaced 300k).Mith mine from the beginning to dig in a little less and the probability is not high, not suitable for practice.

To practice Smithing recommended to first practice Magic Level 55, since there are three will be used, which are: Level 21: Low Level Alchamy (put items into money) Level 43: Superheat Item (do not use the furnace and can be extracted from ore) Level 55: High Level Alchamy (the article becomes more money, they can give a Level 21 magic).

Finally talk pickaxe choice. Worst bronze pickaxe to knock seven will determine once (judgment means judgments will not get mine), pickaxe improve a grade on each reduce it, the best rune pickaxe struck twice as long on judgment once. As long as you have the money to upgrade pickaxe immediately, then you can skip the RS gold to buy (I had to skip addy pickaxe direct buy rune pickaxe).

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