ArcheAge Guide Time: How to Building A Boat by Yourself

Ships is an important means of transport in ArcheAge online game, like a Mount, you can travel by the sea, explore under water territories and continents. What’s more, you can fishing in own ships, very relaxing and enjoy it. So, how to building a ship or boat? Of course, you can choose purchased from vendor, but the ships just allow traveling.

1. You should know the process of ship building will require a lot of resources and labor, so first you need to ready the resources as follow: Wooden Planks, Iron, Fabric. And talk to Oskar, he will give you these Materials for the Boat by email.

ArcheAge Materials for the Boat

2. Then, go and buy Design: Adventure Clipper ship in Ship Design of Mirage Isle. There will cost you 30 Nui’s Tears. Or purchase it for ArcheAge Gold in Auction House.

ArcheAge Nui's Tears for Boat
ArcheAge Mirage Isle

3. Find a place on the water, where you can put the drydock for your ship, then use the ships design of ship from your bag. Put the drydock you need use the wooden planks and irons. Note, do not put your drydock far from the land and crafting stations, or will cost you a lot of time for this. And you can use the mouse and keyboard to adjust your view.

Building the ArcheAge boat

4. Construction your drydock, press F near the drydock, you can know what resources are needed and looking the construction status to construct the ship. Note, click G construct your ship in order after packaged archeage materials, wooden – wooden – fabric – fabric – fabric – iron – iron – iron.

ArcheAge Drydock

After you construct your ship, the ship would completed, the ship or boat will doing underwater ceremony then become a summon instruments and exist in your bag. Last, the ship ready to sail after you just click and use it in the water place. OK, the same process to build the larger ships if you want, the main difference is the amount of resources needed to craft, the bigger ships, the more packs for construction. If you are still not clear how to build your ship, would share you a great video by Force Strategy Gaming, who would teach you building a boat in ArcheAge game! Have fun!

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