Blade & Soul: Moonwater Tear’s Price Drop on Fast

It was 78s+ 2 days ago each for tear, last night I checked it was ~71s each and its 62s~ average now. Anybody knows why it dropped so hard like this? or am I missing something here? If you have the same question, read the article. Of course, If you want to buy bns gold, click it.

People figured out that Pigsty is faster farming for them, and since the recipe from Brightstone started going down it likely became more profitable to just hard farm tears.

The number of threads talking about how to earn money with a response of “farm pigsty” last week made it obvious this would happen. I am one of those people who missed the gravy train, but there was no chance I would have managed to reach the point where it was as fast as it was.

The only positive is it is becoming much, much cheaper to upgrade now. Between soulstones nearing 10s each and MTS possibly hitting sub 4g as of today it is remarkably cheaper to get your shit done. I think the raw cost of getting the siren upgrade on jewelery is now only ~40G? Not counting the leveling of it afterwards.
Oh and 25 AP gems are 15 gold too. That is a HUGE upgrade for what is essentially 2 days of a small number of dailies.

That second point, while 100% true, is also usually the only way I personally find out about things
OF course there is always a brief time where it is still profitable if you can jump on it hard. I just don’t have the time to jump on anything hard.

For me currently the most reliable way to make money seems to be putting in the time to clear as many Mushin Tower quests as I can on two characters. It is basically 5g a day for under an hour of effort. The rest I am still not sure of yet, but I have had to use 1 hourish per night doing E fleet for siren emblems to upgrade my weapon.

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