Preview Of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Before Play

The Elder Scrolls Online in 2014 was not welcomed with particular enthusiasm: the criticisms were not lacking because of a variety of issues and the demand for a monthly subscription had certainly not helped. The countless fans of the saga had repeatedly blamed the software house for having distorted the universe of The Elder Scrolls making it an MMO.


Bethesda, however, has not lost his mind, has strongly believed in the game, has secured a massive support post launch and about a year after its debut, The Elder Scrolls Online also comes on consoles with the Tamriel Unlimited version and the ” Monthly subscription is definitively deleted. A special premium subscription, called ESO Plus, has been introduced in its place, which guarantees exclusive gambling players, monthly game money to use in the “Crown Store”, and access to all DLC packages.

Morrowind’s expansion introduces to the well-known MMORPG, a new campaign, an unprecedented class, many content for PVE and others for PVP but the gameplay at the base does not change. We are therefore in a completely online universe, populated by NPC, by all sorts of enemies, but also by many real players.

The activities in the Vvardenfell region, as in all Tamriel, do not miss: main missions, secondary assignments, dungeons to explore, books to read, enemies to kill, treasures to discover, guilds to join… there is only the embarrassment of choice and in a short time the game map will be packed with points of interest and missions to complete.


The new class that arrives in TESO is called Warden and is a kind of Druid that dominates the magic of nature. Its classmate tree includes three branches: Animal Companions, Green Balance and Winter’s Embrace, each with its own different powers to unlock, buy and upgrade with the usual Skill Points that are gained by leveling up.

All his skills are versatile and powerful and allow the Warden to cover the three main roles: Tank, DPS and Healer. In addition to being a great defender with ice spells and an infallible curator with the ability to heal, the Guardian can in fact evoke powerful animals including a magical bear that will kick low against enemies.

The new class is a very interesting addition especially for those who want to face the adventure alone. Unlike the other, it is undoubtedly more complete and, in a sense, even more powerful: the risk is that over the next few months in the Vvardenfell region and throughout Tamriel will only be seen Warden, perhaps accompanied by the magical bear.

No change in the other classes, and the character’s growth remains practically unchanged. The system is based on the usual experience points that allow our hero to step up and gain points to enhance Stamina, Magika and Health and to unlock countless skills.

New in the PVP field with the introduction of an unprecedented mode called Battlegrounds (accessed from level 10) that accompanies the Alliance War notes. Faster, quicker and less chaotic battles than those in the well-known Cyrodiil area that introduce three game modes that are far from the genre of The Elder Scrolls Online but close to the classic shooter: Capture The Flag, Domination and Team Deathmatch. The clashes are based on a 12-player structure (4v4v4) and the matches are very short: about 10 minutes in small maps.

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