Each Character Class In Mu Legend Is Equipped With 2 Race Options

Mu Legend is the successor to Mu Online and some people hope Mu Legend will let them relive the glory days of hardcore Mu. Mu Legend features four classes, with a fifth one, the Emphasizer, showing off plenty of skin to tantalize. Classes are gender-locked, and in Mu Legend, each class is equipped with 2 race options. You try to go to the best place to buy Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling?

Mu Legend

The Elf
Elves, beauty is not enough
Class Affinity: Whisperer

The Kanturu
Glaring eyes surrounded by a scary built
Class affinity: Blader

The Humans
Your typical race which dominates all the playable class
Class affinity, Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and probably Emphasizer too

The Ashas
Reminds me of the frost giants in a movie. Cold spear eyes with a body built that seems to send shivers through your spine
Class Affinity: Dark Lord and War Mage

One more Mu Legend class that takes the spotlight. This time it’s the Warmage, a class that is a mage and that, as the name implies, probably knows a thing or two about war. When you reach the endgame in Mu Legend your character will wear such a tight, badass armor that it doesn’t matter how many hordes of skeletons, soldiers and giant boss creatures get in its way, they will most surely turn into dust. For additional information you can also click here.

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