MU Legend: The Continent Of MU Is Going Through A Harder Time

From now on, the Dark Lord has really come back, spreading the terrible crimes and destroying the beautiful continent MU. The continent of MU is going through a harder time than ever before, cry, body and blood, some fields have been turned into battle fields and monsters. More details and latest guides and tricks, source from here.

MU Legend

Brave warriors, powerful mages of the continent, have returned from lcarus, carrying Etramus’s prophecy: The Power of Darkness – KunDun is returning to invade their beautiful continent of MU. Are you ready to transform yourself into races, write your name on the Golden Page of the legendary land? Webzen said: ” We are proud to launch MU Legend server game and welcome gamers from all over the country.

The game is invested with a strong server configuration, bandwidth confirmed stable and long-term development, as long as the member MU Legend is still online. Gamers will be able to exchange, learn from each other through small events at night, big events on holidays and more. To ensure you have a comfortable experience when coming to MU Legend, we guarantee there will be no hack status, lag in the game, all forms of fraud will be severely punished.

The item in MU Legend will be more valuable than any other MU, as the developer respect the fun of hunting gamers, not only confirming your level, but also earning income through the game. However, U4GM open a the fastest and the most convenience channel to help gamers buy cheap MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling at comparasively cheap price.

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