Making Classic WOW Gold by Professions Jewelcrafting & Cooking

Classic WOW is an amazing game. This guide will show you the basics of gold making and progresses to the lesser known and sometimes more complicated ways of making World of Warcraft Classic Gold.


Jewelcrafting has a lot of Classic WOW gold PVE making potential with the ability to make trinkets, cut gems, and prospect ore. Cut gems give a variety of effects from raising attack power, boosting stats, and even adding an extra oomph to your spells. Prospecting is discussed in a section earlier and is a profession all in its own. Jewelcrafter’s can also produce trinkets, ring, necklaces, and headpieces each of which has a unique effect. A jewel crafter’s beginning rings and trinkets can be used by low-level players and usually sell well since nothing else is available yet. As you grow in the art of jewel crafting try to place blue quality items in the auction house and high usability greens. Cutting gems for other players will make you a lot of money at high levels (much like enchanting for an enchanter).



Work your way from a kitchen monger to a five-star chef with cooking and fill your friend’s stomachs with more than a Conjured Cinnamon Roll! Food produced by a chef in World of Warcraft has a variety of effects from turning you into a ninja to boosting your stats all while saving some money from food vendors and helping you recover your health a little faster. A marvelous feast has utility as well as whetting your appetite.
You will want to keep your eye out for Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight as a cook. These dishes hold the power to transform its eater into a pirate or a ninja for an amount of time. This dish can sell between 2 and 5 gold a serving.

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