Dragon Ball Legends Tips To Help You

Besides having the best version of heroes in your DBL Accounts, you also need some tips to help you improve in Dragon Ball Legends. This guide will show you some important things to do in the game to maximize rewards or gameplay experiences so that you can catch up with some of the more experienced veterans in this game.

Full Clear The Stories

One of the most important things that players must do that most ignore is full clearing stages in the story mode. Each stage in the story mode comes with a set of 7 challenges that players can choose to complete. It’s not necessary for players to complete all of them, but if you do, you’ll get some important rewards that players can use later on to upgrade their characters. One of these rewards includes Medals, which can be exchanged for additional item slots for your character.

Always Go For Summons

With the ever-growing roster, you will want to nab as many characters as possible. The best and most effective way to do that is to do daily summons. There are multiple summon banners, each featuring different characters, so pay attention! It can be extremely tempting to summon on every banner, but be sure that you are planning ahead. Summon on the ones that you want the most or that fit your team kit best, and you’ll end up with the strongest team you can have.

Make Use of the Exchange Shop

In DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, items like Dual Coins and Guild Coins are called “Exchange Items”. Gather Exchange Items and exchange them for awesome rewards at the Exchange Shop! Some of these items are extremely useful in improving your team, so make sure to take a look at the shops regularly so that you’ll be able to set what game modes you want to prioritize when playing the game in the future.

Training and Level Up

Leveling up is a two-step process in Dragon Ball Legends. You need to both level up your unit by soul boosting them and increase their level to 5000, easily obtained in minutes by doing training events. While soul boosting your character is just as easy, as all you need to do is pump your character full of souls to boost their stats. These two steps are critical in having strong characters and unlocking their full potential, so be sure to do them.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed And Have Fun

When you first start, there is no doubt that things can be overwhelming. The number of characters waiting to be unlocked as well as all the modes and items can be daunting. Don’t worry about doing every single thing the game has to offer, just do your best to have some fun and enjoy the experience of fighting as some of your favorite Dragon Ball characters. Everything else will come with time.

It ends here. All in all, once you apply these pointers in the game, you’ll be able to make the most out of your playtime so that you can be one of the top players on the Dragon Ball Legends server.

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