COD MW3 Multiplayer Detailed Discussion Guide

COD MW3 is about to meet players. To better respond to the needs of the player community, MW3 has made some revisions and upgrades to the multiplayer game mode, from the return of iconic maps to innovative game modes and breakthrough customization options, and Some adjustments have been made to the content of battlefield upgrades and killstreak achievements.

Classic map reconstruction

MW3 reimagines classic maps, and players will enjoy 16 6v6 maps, all remastered versions of the beloved MW2 maps from 2009, with official MW3 boosting. These classic maps have been completely rebuilt to provide a nostalgic journey for veteran players and a fresh experience for new players. In addition, MW3 will also provide ground war and invasion maps. Confirmed maps include Resort, Oro Military Base, and Babov Power.

New modes and wars return

MW3 introduced the unique 3v3v3 mode “Cutthroat,” as well as a host of standard modes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy. The return of the 6v6 war mode has also been confirmed, providing players with a diverse combat experience.

Field Upgrades

  • Medical supplies: reduces healing delay
    -Inflatable decoy
  • Comm Scrambler: radar jammer
    -Tack insert
  • Trophy system
  • Munitions box
  • ACs: automatically captures points in Domination hardpoint control and ground war for you
    -Tactical camera
  • Deployable cover
  • Recon drone
  • Dead Silence
  • Loadout drops: call on a team-based Loadout crate with limited uses. Every player on the team can grab that once
  • Portable radar
    -Smoke airdrop
    -Suppression mine
  • Anti-armor rounds

Equipment customization system upgrade

Vest: Define your equipment slots and equipment slots, with six options such as Infantry Vest, Engineer Vest, etc.
Gloves: Six types of gloves, including Quick Grip and Commando, affect weapon handling and equipment use.
Boots: Six options, including lightweight boots and tactical pads, alter movement and agility.
Gear: Twelve gear options offer a variety of perks, such as the Tac Mask and Ghost TV Camo.

Kill Streaks and Score Streaks

  • UAV
  • Mosquito drone
    -Sam Turret
    -Bomb drone
  • Guardian SC
    -Care package
  • Counter UAV
  • Cluster mine
  • Precision air strike
  • Cruise missile
    -Remote turret
  • Mortar strike
  • Juggernaut Recon variant
    -Wilson H.S.
  • OverWatch Hilo
  • Vall jet
  • Emergency airdrop
  • Carpet bomb
  • Advanced UAV
  • Chopper Gunner
  • Gunship
  • Standard Juggernaut
  • Hidden streak: if you go on a 30-gun streak, no kill streak kills or score streak kills count for this, you will end up dropping an MGB or a nuke

The multiplayer game mode in MW3 will become a vast battlefield suitable for all types of players. With rich battlefield maps, diverse game modes, and powerful customization functions, MW3 will bring players a brand-new combat experience. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the game, there are endless possibilities in combat.

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