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How To Get More Marvel Future Fight Superheroes

There are so many Superheroes in Marvel Future Fight. Acquiring more of them will help you face various challenges more easily in the game! So in this guide, we will show you how to get more Marvel Future Fight Superheroes.

  1. Buy Marvel Future Fight Accounts
    This might be the fastest way to collect superheroes. You don’t need to consider anything; just directly buy a account that you want with full of Superheroes. If you are one of them, you can buy them on U4gm offers MFF Accounts For Sale, not only cheap but with a 100% safety guarantee. In addition, don’t forget to use discount codeMods” to get an extra 5% off!
  2. Daily Login and Other Rewards
    You will receive rewards based on the number of days that you log into the game. The game also offers special weekly login rewards from time to time that offer superhero’s biometric.
  3. Elite Stages
    Elite Stages is one of the best places to get biometric. You have 3 attempts per day and they are unlocked once you finish their normal counterpart. However, you will have to “unlock” them one by one starting from the first stage. You receive the biometric of the hero based on the boss that you fight within the level.
  4. Honor Shop (Timeline Battle)
    You earn honor tokens when you fight inside the timeline battle or Marvel Future Fight’s arena system. Honor tokens can be used to exchange for different superheroes. The hero “shopping” roster is rotated from time to time. So you should save your honor points if you are not happy with the current hero offered.
  5. Chaos Token Shop (Villain Siege)
    Like Honor Shop, Villain Siege is one play where you put your entire hero roster against bosses 1 by 1. You earn Chaos tokens after you kill the boss. These chaos tokens can be used to exchange for hero biometrics in Marvel Future Fight.
  6. Purchase via Crystal
    The shop section offers several ways for you to get heroes. The “flash” sale is usually a good option to get hero biometrics at a good discount if you have them. In general, you want to calculate a better biometric count per crystal to make your decision. You will also have to consider how rare it is to get them.
  7. “Special” Chapter
    Marvel Future Fight offers you a special chapter where you can fight to get “event” superheroes.
  8. Dimensional Rift
    When you complete the Normal or Elite stages, you will encounter Dimensional Rift from time to time. You can also join your friend’s Dimensional Rift encounters. These stages allow you to get additional hero biometrics depending on the level. Higher levels offer better hero biometric drop rates.
  9. Dimensional Chest or Shield Point Chest
    Lastly, you earn 1 free dimensional chest draw per day. After which you will need to spend crystal to draw them. These random chests award you with hero biometrics and rarely a full hero if you do not have them yet.
  10. Village Siege
    Battle victories in Villain Siege give you random chances at drawing hero biometric.
  11. Dimension Shift
    When you fight in Normal or elite stages, you can get random Dimension Shift heroes either as enemy or ally heroes. If you beat and finish the stage, you will get their corresponding biometric at the end.

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