Junkies Explosive in Fallout 76 Shattered Grounds

Fallout 76 Shattered Grounds

In the latest Fallout 76 update, Shattered Grounds, players can acquire a new weapon through the Vault 63 quest line. This guaranteed drop, known as the “Shattered Grounds,” is a Handmade rifle with unique legendary effects. The following guide will provide a detailed introduction to the features and build of Shattered Grounds.

Weapon Specifications

The Shattered Grounds handmade weapon comes with the Junkies legendary effect, which grants 50% extra damage if you have at least five addiction side effects active. The Shattered Grounds Handmade comes with the following legendary effects:

  1. Junkies: 50% extra damage with five addiction side effects
  2. Explosive: Bullets explode for 20% weapon damage
  3. Weightless: Reduced weapon weight

It also features a unique paint job, setting it apart visually from standard Handmades. If you want to get this weapon more easily, then you can buy Fallout 76 caps in U4GM, which will help you to proceed more smoothly in the game.

Modifications and Build

For optimal performance, the weapon can be modified with:

  • Receiver: Prime automatic receiver for best performance.
  • Barrel: Aligned Long Barrel.
  • Stock: Forceful stock.
  • Sights: Reflex sight.
  • Muzzle: Suppressor for stealth operations.
  • Magazine: High-capacity for increased AP cost but maximum damage.

Running a full health build, I found the prime automatic receiver to be the best choice for this weapon. However, the powerful automatic receiver is a close second, with the drawback of no bonus damage against Scorched.

How Does It Perform?

To test the weapon, I used the most mild addictions possible, such as Buffout, Fury, Mentats, and Psycho, to achieve the Junkies effect with minimal penalties. The performance against level 100 super mutants and Scorch Beasts was notable but slightly underwhelming compared to other high-tier weapons.

  • Against Super Mutants: The Shattered Grounds handmade can kill them efficiently, though it doesn’t match the DPS of the Fixer.
  • Against Scorch Beasts: The explosive effect can interfere with damage registration, making it less reliable.

Alternatives to Junkies

If you’re not sold on the Junkies effect, there are other options to consider:

  • Aristocrats: Provides the same damage bonus without the downside, requiring you to carry 30k caps for the full bonus.
  • Anti-Armor: This effect, combined with weapon speed, offers higher damage output without the complications of explosive bullets.

Issues with Explosive Effects

Explosive effects in Fallout 76 have their drawbacks. They increase the risk of detection due to the additional detection check triggered by the explosion. Moreover, explosions can interfere with damage registration, leading to inconsistent performance, especially on busy adventure servers.

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Performance Analysis

When compared to other legendary effects:

  1. Damage Output: The Junkies Explosive Handmade performs well but falls slightly behind the Fixer in terms of DPS.
  2. Alternatives: Aristocrat’s effect offers the same damage bonus without addiction drawbacks, requiring only 30,000 caps.
  3. Anti-Armor: This effect, combined with armor-penetrating magazine mods, provides superior performance due to their additive nature.
legendary parks

Explosive Legendary Effect Drawbacks

While the explosive effect may seem appealing, it comes with several disadvantages:

  1. Increased detection risk in stealth situations
  2. Visual obstruction from explosions
  3. Potential server issues leading to inconsistent damage registration, especially against Scorchbeasts


The Shattered Grounds Handmade, while a decent starter weapon, falls short in the current Fallout 76 meta. In order to deal with the different enemies in Fallout 76, we need to prepare more weapons and for this a High Capacity Backpack is very important.

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