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Choosing Your Descendant

Do not use Bunny in this mission. Electric damage is ineffective against the Pyromaniac boss, and Bunny’s low survivability makes it easy to lose shields and health quickly. Instead, opt for tanky descendants to minimize the need for reviving teammates and allow you to focus on dealing damage.

The best descendant for this boss fight is Ajax. Ajax’s Orbit Barrier and Hyper Cube abilities block all incoming damage, making it easier to focus on attacking the boss. Other effective descendants like Glay and Jabber are great, but this guide focuses on the free-to-play path and starter descendants. If you have chosen Ajax, you will fare well against almost all bosses due to his strong defense support.

Viessa is also a good choice for cold damage, but Ajax is more beneficial for overall team support compared to Viesa’s slow and cold abilities. If you chose Lapic as a starter descendant, consider farming for Frina early in the game. Frina’s toxic damage abilities are excellent for depleting the boss’s health, and her defense mechanisms enhance survivability.

Preparing for the Fight

Modding Your Descendant

  • Heat Antibody and Fire Resistance: Increase your fire resistance to the recommended levels. High defense and health values are insufficient without elemental resistance, as the Pyromaniac deals significant heat damage and can quickly burn through your health.
  • Weapon Mods: Equip mods that enhance firearm bonuses and chill effects. Add weak spot damage to inflict more damage on the Pyromaniac’s weak points.

Weapon Recommendations

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  • Weapon Types: Use a sniper rifle or a scout rifle to easily hit the boss’s weak spots and deal with the hovering hummingbirds. These weapons are effective at negating the boss’s supercharging rage meter.
  • Highest Level Weapons: Always use the highest level weapons available. Utilize the workbench to increase your weapon’s DPS by crafting control axes or phase exchangers from dismantled, unneeded weapons.

Strategy During the Battle

  1. Target Weak Spots: Aim for the Pyromaniac’s weak spots to maximize damage. Destroying the hummingbirds immediately can prevent the boss from supercharging.
  2. Focus on Shoulders: Focus on the boss’s shoulders to break them and stun the Pyromaniac longer during its rage phase.
  3. Avoid Fire Rings: During your first attempt, avoid the rings of fire and target the crystal on the boss’s back. It’s often better to delay the rage phase as it can be chaotic and sometimes ends before you can destroy the crystal.

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