EverQuest II : On F2P Success and EQNextEverQuest II : On F2P Success and EQNext

It’s been nearly two months since the free to play launch of EverQuest II. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Executive Producer Dave Georgeson about the success of the new version of EQII and the future of EQ as a whole… including EQNext. See what he’s got to say in our exclusive interview.
MMORPG: How have the longtime Veterans of EQ2 responded to the changes? Have you had any exodus, or do you instead see more former players coming back now that the price barrier is gone?

Dave Georgeson: Absolutely zero exodus. There was a lot of concern from vets before the changes occurred that they wouldn’t like the end-results. However, after watching EQ2X do so well for over a year, and after realizing that the only tangible change to players when we go F2P is to a) make subscriptions optional, and b) remove any up-front costs, well…there’s not much to be afraid of after that, is there?


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