The List : The Best and Worst of Neverwinter BetaThe List : The Best and Worst of Neverwinter Beta



We’re breaking down the best and worst aspects of our experience in the Neverwinter beta this past weekend as part of this week’s The List.
If there’s one thing that Cryptic Studios has always done well, it’s combat. Go as far back as City of Heroes or even as recently as Star Trek Online. Cryptic Studios knows how to do active combat with fun, flashy visual effects and Neverwinter is no different in this regard. Neverwinter’s combat takes things a step further for Cryptic with free form targeting similar to TERA; though not everything is perfect (we’ll get into that a bit later). Still, the visceral feeling of smashing your shield into an enemy’s face or lunging across the room, striking and knocking them away, is incredibly satisfying.



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