Slayer Tower: Revamped

he Slayer Tower is an imposing sight for new arrivals to Morytania, and it’s even more so after today’s graphical update. As ever, the Slayer Tower’s a great place to complete Slayer Assignments for a range of RuneScape’s more macabre monsters.

From today, you’ll also be able to complete Slayer Contracts within the tower. These work in a similar way to Slayer Assignments, as they involve killing a set number of specific creatures, although they must be completed within the Slayer Tower, and the rewards work differently.

You can take on a Slayer Contract by speaking to Markus, just outside the Slayer Tower. Markus will show you his list of normal contracts. You can then choose whichever of these you like best, take a contract scroll from Markus and head into the tower to get slaying. Be sure to keep the scroll with you, as kills won’t count towards the contract otherwise. This won’t affect any Slayer Assignment you already have; kills that count towards a normal contract will not count towards your assignment.

Once the contract is complete, bring the scroll back to Markus to claim your payment. He’ll offer you a choice between a healthy helping of coins or XP in the core combat skill of your choice (with some limitations). You’ll also get a little Slayer XP as you kill each monster: 20% of the amount you’d have received if you killed the monster for a Slayer Assignment.

If you already have a Slayer Assignment to kill suitable creatures, Markus will offer you a special contract instead of the normal list. His special contracts match the type of creature that you’ve been assigned, effectively giving you a 20% uplift to your Slayer XP, plus a choice of combat XP or coins.

There’s an Early Bird bonus available for the next two weeks, doubling the combat XP or cash that you’ll receive from the first normal contract that you complete within that time.
Our Graphics Team have done some superb work on the Slayer Tower, and its spooky Second Age look fits in well with the new lore we’ve introduced. Keep an eye out for books written by the tower’s architect – General Viggora – and by the mage responsible for populating the tower with its monstrous residents. We’ve also replaced some of the old agility shortcuts with stairs for easier access, but we’ve added a new one which grants access to a new rooftop, where more of the highest levelled enemies are available for those of you with at least 71 Agility.

Whether you’re looking to bullseye some banshees, knock out some nechryaels or take an axe to some Abyssal demons, the Slayer Tower’s the place to go. Head on over there now and start slaying! 

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