Bandos’ Stronghold

General Graardor resides in Bandos’ Stronghold in the God Wars Dungeon, along with his bodyguards, who represent the three points of the combat triangle: Sergeant Steelwill (magic), Sergeant Grimspike (ranged) and Sergeant Strongstack (melee). You need to bash on the door of the Stronghold with a hammer to enter it (requires 70 strength). To enter the room containing General Graardor and his bodyguards, you must first kill 40 of his followers, who are found in Bandos’ Stronghold and in the central area of the God Wars Dungeon. The best spot for killcount is outside the Stronghold, near the ice bridge to Zamorak’s Fortress, on goblins and hobgoblins (red square). For this spot you will need to bring a Zamorak item to protect yourself from Zamorak’s followers’ aggression. A Zamorak arrow is most convenient. The other spot is on hobgoblins, outside the Stronghold, but just south of the Bandos boss room (yellow square). You do not need an item for this spot.
To protect yourself from Bandos’ soldiers’ aggression, you must wear a Bandos item, any of the unique items dropped by Nex or take a bath in the Bandos pool at Oo’glog. The latter is recommended if you can’t use Bandos chestplate, tassets or Torva items when they are listed in the set-ups below. The pool will protect you for one hour.

All set-ups in this guide are approximates and you should adjust them to suit your needs, especially the amount of potions you bring.
Warriors are the damage-oriented companions to a single tank. Their job is to kill Graardor as quickly as possible while the tank draws Graardor’s melee attacks away from them. Because Graardor’s ranged attack is the most dangerous to them, warriors pray protect from ranged.
Strategy – Warrior
At all times, when Graardor is alive: Pray protect from/deflect ranged and piety/turmoil.

As warrior, your main function is damaging the General. Part of this job is dealing more damage than any competition you might face. To make sure you get a kill, use your special recover potions and unleash two dragon claw special attacks every kill as long as the competition is serious. If you do not have dragon claws you can replace the special recover potions with others as you prefer. Dreadnips can be a powerful addition to your offensive power – use them if you have them. They must be directed to attack Graardor each kill.

The minions are best killed with a chaotic rapier, however due to your teammates they will probably die quickly enough that your maul will do fine. Use soul split to heal if you have it, and kill the minions in this order to minimize damage taken: Sergeant Steelwill (magic), Sergeant Grimspike (ranged), and finally Sergeant Strongstack (melee). Use the correct protect prayer if you do not have soul split.

Make sure to have one familar summoned before travelling to the God Wars Dungeon. If you bring a beast of burden, fill it with prayer potions and bring more overloads or attack/strength potions and prayer renewal potions in your inventory. If your bob is a yak, bring a spare yak pouch in its last space – you will be able to last for almost three hours, so bring potions accordingly. 

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