Dagannoth Kings

The Dagannoth Kings are some of the most dangerous monsters in Runescape, due to the multi-combat nature of their lair. You will be under constant attack at all times, and even the most experienced players can die in seconds. You should never attempt to fight the kings with items you are not willing to risk losing.
Waterbirth Island is the place where Fremennik warriors go to fight the infestation of dagannoth that threatens their city and harbour. While the island itself is interesting for various reasons, this guide focuses on the three bosses located in the island depths. For more information on Waterbirth Island, check out our Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

The island has many monsters that can be extremely dangerous, including Dagannoth, Giant rock crabs, Rock lobsters, and Wallasalki.

The Dagannoth Kings are three bosses, each using a specific style from the combat triangle, and provide one of the most consistent ways of making money in the game. Rex attacks with melee, Supreme attacks with ranged, and Prime attacks with magic. While dangerous, the profit is well worth the risk.

The lair is a round piece of land surrounded by a monster-filled moat. The kings only wander in specific areas of the islet, so it is possible to avoid attacks by certain kings for the most part, provided you step carefully, but you’ll eventually be spotted. If they spot you, all Kings can follow you to any part of the islet, where they won’t stop attacking you until you kill them, leave, or die.

The Dagannoth Kings count towards a Dagannoth slayer assignment. A Full slayer helmet or Slayer helmet can be used in any of the following set-ups to get the usual slayer task boosts.
Waterbirth Island hosts a pleasant combination of low-level and high-level boss hunting. The simplest way to kill the Dagannoth Kings is killing only one king and avoiding the others. Of all kings, Rex is the easiest to kill without taking a lot of damage. Killing only Prime or Supreme is not viably worth it and also quite hard to do as their spawns are quite close, potentially getting you attacked by up to all 3 kings at once.
This gear emphasizes magic damage and defence. With Rex being both weak to magic, and immune to range and melee damage, you want to focus on magic defence from the Spinolyp attacks, and magic attack to kill Rex off as quickly as possible. You will have to wait between Rex spawns. It is recommended that you take a partner to get Supreme and perhaps Prime off you at least for the first kill, because there is only a small chance of getting into the lair without getting one or both aggressive towards you. After that you can solo or share the room with a hybrid.

Which spell you choose should depend on what you want more: magic experience or money. The Polypore staff is usually the cheapest spell as a whole to usewhile if you want experience more, use Storm of Armadyl with an Armadyl battlestaff. If you use a polypore staff you can be on any spellbook, allowing you to use blood barrage from the ancient spellbook, for healing, or Waterbirth teleport from the Lunar spellbook, for quick banking. Rex has a weakness to fire spells too, so using your best fire spell (fire surge or bloodfire barrage) is extremely effective.

The suicider is a partner whose only job is to provide the mage with a safe entrance to the King’s Lair. Their job consists entirely of entering the lair, killing Supreme as fast as possible, then killing Prime if he gets on the mage, and then teleporting out. To do this easily it’s suggested to bring the following:

Some armour focusing on offence (see Prime and Supreme hybrid gear below).
A powerful melee and ranged weapon (such as an Upgraded Balmung and a Crystal bow
A prayer potion.
One dose each of super/extreme attack, strength and ranged potion.
Teleport to house tablet.
Some Rocktail.
Overall this is a very easy thing to do and you shouldn’t worry too much about what you bring provided you have enough food. 

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