GameCity Announces Jagex Director Commentary

Nottingham, UK. GameCity and the National Videogame Archive are proud to announce Runescape : The Director Commentary – taking place at GameCity Squared.

Jagex will be making a rare public appearance to give a privileged, unique insight into both the Jagex history and culture – and the development of one of the most successful MMO’s of all time.

Christoph Vietzke, Head of RuneScape said, “I am looking forward to being a part of GameCity in Nottingham and talking about how we manage to keep our MMO, RuneScape, as successful as it is. As a company that concentrates on making great games rather than advertising campaigns, Jagex stands as example that there is room in the games industry for independent developers. I hope that some of our experiences can help other independent developers to be successful and that’s why I happily accepted the invitation to this great event.”

The event follows the success of Goldeneye : The Director Commentary, held at GameCity Three, and builds on the festival’s reputation for delivering exclusive and accessible videogame culture events.

“For a developer of the calibre of Jagex to be taking the time to explore their work with the GameCity audience and the National Videogame Archive is both an index of how far games have travelled as a cultural medium, and the impact that the festival is having. We’re incredibly excited that Jagex have chosen to share their insights and inner workings with the GameCity audience”, said festival Director Iain Simons.

About GameCity
GameCity is the UK’s best-loved gaming event, attracting international speakers like Alexei Pajitnov, creator of Tetris and Keita Takahashi, the man behind the Katamari Damacy phenomenon, as well as exclusive game premieres, debates in Indian restaurants and amazing music events. A five-day festival which takes gaming out into the streets, shops and cinemas of Nottingham, it’s about finding out what a videogame festival could be.

About Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham Trent University is lead partner and supporter of Nottingham’s annual GameCity festival. Its Centre for Contemporary Play brings together inter-disciplinary projects and expertise from across the university, encouraging knowledge transfer and partnerships with the gaming industry.

About the National Videogame Archive
The NVA has been created in a bid to preserve the history of a global industry now worth an estimated £22bn. Formed by academics at Nottingham Trent University and working in partnership with the National Media Museum in Bradford, the archive will recognise the significant contributions made by videogames to the diversity of popular culture across the globe.

The new archive will be housed at the National Media Museum and will be managed, steered and researched in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University’s Centre for Contemporary Play. The Centre draws on academic strengths across a range of disciplines, including psychology, cultural studies, art and design and computer science. In addition to hardware and code, it will encompass the wider cultural phenomenon of videogames by documenting advertising campaigns, magazine reviews, artwork and the communities that sustain them – the overall aim being to collect, celebrate and preserve this vital cultural form for future generations.

The Centre for Contemporary Play, Nottingham Trent University
The Centre brings together inter-disciplinary projects from across Nottingham Trent University with an interest in gaming – encouraging knowledge transfer between the university and the gaming industry. The Centre for Contemporary Play is responsible for the running of the annual GameCity festival.

National Media Museum, Bradford
The National Media Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire opened as the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in 1983 and has since become one of the most visited UK museums outside London. The museum houses permanent galleries, temporary exhibition spaces and three cinema theatres including IMAX. The National Media Museum is part of the National Museums of Science and Industry (NMSI) family. 

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