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Consisting of humble but sturdy gray stone buildings Lumbridge is a quiet community ruled by Duke Horatio from an impressive castle that has protected it for generations. Located on the River Lum, its economy is primarily based on agriculture. Just to the north, many citizens work their farms to produce grain, which the town’s windmill grinds into flour for much of the nearby environs. Farther in that direction is Varrock, the capital of Misthalin, where King Roald resides. Heading west leads to Draynor village. A gloomy swamp lies southward, its twisted mangrove trees adding to the overall dreariness. Those who choose to travel east will find a tollgate to a major desert settlement, Al Kharid. Before departing at all, however, it’s worth your while to look around. You’ll probably want to obtain some training, and perhaps a decent weapon too.

Jagex’ RuneScape, takes place within the fantasy-themed world of Gielinor, where Lumbridge is the first town new arrivals see. Despite very little exposure in game publications, the java-based massively multiplayer title has attained truly exceptional popularity; with about a million paying accounts, it’s usually ranked second among subscription offerings. Actually, the user base is much larger since another five million are said to be active at least every couple of weeks on a free to play basis. We’ve been watching the project for a fair number of years, since not long after beta began in 2001. So, when the company became more receptive to interviews after the release of a High Detail version this summer, we were quick to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about this intriguing endeavor by putting a set of questions to the team. 

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