RuneScape Game Bar

RuneScape recently released the RuneScape Game Bar, which is a toolbar for your web browser that gives you up to date RuneScape information. If players like to get the newest information, you should join into RS game bar; if players hope to gain more Runescape Gold, you should contact our site LiveChat! Have any questions of rs money, welcome to contact us! Ok, let’s know the main features of the Game Bar are:
Information about any Grand Exchange offers you have running.
Reminders about repeatable content, including when you can next play Tears of Guthix, redo the Phoenix Lair, fight Bork and the Skeletal Horror, and when you can earn more Thieves’ Guild Hanky Points.
Quick links to the RuneScape forums, game guide and Adventurer’s Log, among others.
An RSS feed of recent newsposts on the RuneScape website.
A ‘Play Now’ button to quickly load up RuneScape.
A search bar.
We are also working on additional features, including seeing which of your friends is online. If you have any suggestions for other things we can add to the Game Bar, visit the RS Game Bar – Try it Out! forum thread. Of course, if you have any suggestions for our sell RuneScape money, you can give us e-mail or phones. 

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