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Another month goes by and another mountain of artwork arrives on our desks. RuneScape players are gathering RS money day and night in the game. Some time, I think players can choose other way to get RuneScape money, such as buy runescape gold from believable gold supplier site. Yep, it’s a hard job, but we love going through your artwork – the more quality submissions we get to see, the happier we are! This month’s glorious collection brings us brooding dragons, hungry bunyips, pesky penguins and cooking catastrophes. We hope you like them too.
One particular entry stood out to become this month’s featured artist. Our congratulations go to Tyrutu, a regular contributor to the RuneScape art community. Their ‘Tormented Demon’ picture maintains every bit of this freakish beast’s troubling visage, while using a cool and clear cartoon styling. It’s a great piece of work, and so they’ve bagged themselves a month of free RuneScape membership and a certificate signed by a selection of J-Mods.
Oh, and one other thing… Starting this month, each gallery’s featured artist not only bags some membership and a signed certificate, they also get an exclusive piece of signed concept art direct from the easels of RuneScape’s Graphics team.
So, if you want to win a one-of-a-kind piece of bespoke RuneScape artwork, simply pick up your favoured art tools, create something original and polished then send it to us using the instructions on The Gallery – Feedback & Ideas forum thread. There you can also talk to other artists and share any artsy thoughts and tips you have. 

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