The Guideline of Canifis Butchers to farm money in RuneScape

The butcher shop to buy shares RuneScape players can make money in Canifis. The Canifis the Butchers shares 100 raw beef, raw chicken 30,10 raw mosue meat and 10 raw bear meat. RuneScape players can purchase, Bank of raw meat in five stroke in rats, which is very close to, or use the sixth line buy Lao Shurou plus purchase RuneScape Gold.

RuneScape players will eventually pay about 10K of meat for each range of raw chicken and raw beef at 60-70 coins. Because the demand exceeds the supply of the raw meat the way, the project is usually at or near the upper limit of the price. Therefore, RuneScape players can easily so that each member 100 or 200 coins.

Runescape players who bought the butcher’s shop of Canifis, 10K coins, you can make an extra 15K profit. Such a way to make money is most useful when you have been in the region, such as the purchase Canifis gloves shop. RuneScape players can rib of beef and other meats or hoarding sell a large amount of bulk. RuneScape players are willing to pay the extra meat, just to get more money. 

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