Blizzard is committed to improve Diablo 3 for weaken full level brush equipment

Tencent Games News January 25, Blizzard Diablo 3 set the cash transaction line has always been the player criticized, but it is undeniable that its existence does make equipment to collect in the game becomes a lot simpler then simplified skill tree, so many players feel after the clearance, the game is on the left under the brush equipped with Diablo 3 Gold.

In order to overcome this phenomenon, in the official U.S. time diablo 3 gold on Thursday, January 24, 2013, Blizzard Community Manager Grimiku Forum on the Post said, they will Diablo 3 to continue to improve, in order to try to meet all the requirements.

Diablo 3 plot to prevent the demons of darkness rule the world story, the story of the pursuit of equipment but also the players, when we open the chest, if you took out the gold and equipment, should be the players most satisfied. You want to please everyone, Blizzard, undoubtedly is a huge challenge from recent Diablo 3 production changes can be seen in this work, tough. However, since the official speaker, then I think improved Diablo 3 well worth the wait. 

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