The useful tips to deal with the currency crisis in the WOW

WOW Gold is rapid devaluation, they do not take action to defend our wealth, and all the consequences will be irreparable. This is a small retreat method copy coins BUG Following the 2.0 version of the World of Warcraft, the most serious monetary crisis. BUG was caused massive destruction in the United States serving national service late to escape the impact, but this time is different, this time the national dress of origin, madness, must do exactly what people start to this kind of thing has always style. Every moment we are in the hands of WOW Gold in the rapid devaluation can already see what happened next, and that is the price skyrocketing. So how do we deal with the currency crisis?

To establish an anti-plug-brush Gold united front. Either hang up double mining, auction house robot, or card transaction, acquire all the stock of currency does not damage the economic foundation of the game. Plug massive brush G compared to the newly issued currency is bound to bring inflation continuously diluted the value of the currency held by the hands of players. Ordinary player and plug considerable production capacity and bound to a serious decline in their purchasing power to the complete collapse of the economy, gold will lose monetary functions were players abandoned, the order of the market economy will be thrown into chaos. Whether you are in the world of Azeroth engaged in what kind of economic activity, this enemy of this hope can unite all forces that can be united, and all walks of life to join hands to strive anti-plug-brush G final victory of the war.

Plug-endless, Report more than the purpose of our first phase of operations, is to give the enemy a powerful blow, destroying its attempt Nissin million, three months to become a millionaire dreams, stop their crazy expansion. The second phase of operations will enter a stalemate, the two sides started the tug of war, every day there is a new server, or they have recovered the server again fall is expected late in the war, the enemy will mainly transfer of troops from the popular clothing to more subtle ghost clothes, and then the use of the Association to serve out the gold. The third phase of combat is the hope that the Chinese side of the battle caused the attention of the United States, so as to get the support of the Blizzard game content to make targeted modifications. Plug-brush G studio impasse in China will extend the war to the U.S. service, angered the U.S. side, as soon as the U.S. side to the war, anti-plug brush G war is bound to get the victory. 

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