The strategy to Rescue Prince Ali in Runescape

Start: in the Al Kharid and Hassan conversation with Runescape Gold
Need: seven wool ball, two Onions, ash, flour, water, red berries and a pink skirt, a piece of soft clay, a

Copper brick, three bottles of beer and about fifty gp.

In the Warrior Castle and Hassan conversation, Warrior Castle is located in Al Kharid. He said he need help, hope you can talk and Osman, he will tell you the details. Osman usually near the castle. When you talk with Osman, you will know that prince Ali was Keli lady captured, he said need to make a plan to save him.

Osman think you must stop Keli lady and she bound up, so that you can put the prince dressed up as her way out. If you want to complete the project words need: a pink skirt, a top blonde wig, and her skin of the paste. He said his daughter Leela may be able to help you, she usually located in Draynor Village near the Village, next to the wheat. Leela will tell you where to get with the props in disguise. She also says you have to get open up key to the door, and you must try to stop the guard, so that he will not stop you save the prince.


Ned and conversation, in the near Market (from Leela very nearly) an old man. Tell him you need a rope, he said sell you a 15 gp, or he can use four wool ball for you to do a.


In the dialogue asked he can also do other anything, and then tell him you need a wig. Ned can use three wool ball for you to do a. You’d better direct take seven wool ball, this rope and a wig time very well.

Wig dye

In Draynor Village Village, you can find a witch Aggie name. She knows how to do a wig dye and skin paste, asked her for the wig do some yellow dye it. She said need 2 onion and 5 gp. Rimmington north can find onion, or in the northwest Lumbridge near the windmill, also can find. After find witch can use these materials for you to do a yellow dye the.

Skin paste

Aggie request for you to do some skin paste, to change the color of the skin. She said need ash, flour, water and red berries. Red berries in the southeast of Varrock nearby. Or in the Food shop also can buy. Flour can also in Food shop to buy. Grey is burned out after the fire left. The water is kegs with water.

Tip: when you collect red berries, the way to Varrock Clothes Shop to buy a pink dress

The price of 2 gp, avoid later on a run.

Prison key

First of all, need a piece of clay, the use of water and clay make clay into soft clay. Clay in Varrock southwest, southeast has (is dig Tin and Copper place). With the soft clay to prison, the prison Draynor Village Village, located in the east side of the Market bank, and speak to Mrs. Keli.

Choose any other than that Katrine about. Ask her plan, test of she asked her whether she was sure they could not make the prince escape from prison. Ask her about the key things, then ask her can let you take a look at. You will be automatically with soft clay make a key mold.

Take this key mold and a copper brick to Osman he will do for you you a copper key, again with Leela conversation. She told you that there is a prison guard Joe is a trouble. After talking with Joe, we have learned that he likes to drink. Leela again and conversation, she thinks three bottles of beer should be drunk he. You can be in Port Sarim buy beer, or in the Barbarian Village table take.

Save the prince

Back to prison, and Joe conversation and asked him if he wanted to drink a cup of wine. 3 earthquake gave him drink down, drunk he. Then use your rope and Keli lady, and bound her, finally use keys to open the door. And ali talk that he pretended to be Keli lady escape. Go back to Hassan Al Kharid and conversation, mission accomplished.

You will get reward:

700 gp

Free by Al Kharid to Lumbridge gate (originally need 30 gp)

Three task point 

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