RuneScape is so important


RuneScape 3 screenshot

If you have heard the news about RuneScape 3, you fall into one of two camps. You’re either really excited and cannot wait for this new version of one of your favorite games or you really don’t see what the fuss is all about. It’s possible there is a third category for those who are interested but have played the game only once or twice. I easily fall into the first category, and I think the announcement of RuneScape 3 isn’t important because it represents a new version of a long-running and very successful browser-based title; it’s important because it will represent a massive shift in mobile technology and in how people perceive MMO gaming on a mobile device.

So many people seem to think that tablet or smartphone gaming is different from gaming on any other device. It is different in the way we interact with the game, in the way that we actually hold the tablet or touch the screen, but the device itself is just a smaller version of the ever-familiar PC, the personal computer. RuneScape 3 could prove that a tablet or smartphone is just as good as any other delivery system — and in many ways, it might be superior. 

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